Ep. 32 - Accept or Abscond? When He Doesn’t Acknowledge or Apologize for Appalling Behavior

Anna, a 42-yr-old divorced mother, has been dating 47-yr-old, Dan, for nearly 2 years. After agreeing to attend a special evening with her daughter and parents, Dan never showed. Anna returns to update us from Episode 14 and discuss the disappointment of Dan ghosting her. After giving him the benefit-of-doubt, and attempting to uncover the reason for his actions, Anna broke off the relationship. Now struggling with the way things ended, Anna feels she might have reacted too quickly, and too emotionally. In this Episode, Paula helps Anna decode and debrief. Paula explains next steps for Anna to move through her heartbreak, potentially heal this relationship, and to have the best chance for a respectful and responsive man. Will it be Dan?